The Hunt for Great Massage Products


We have tried a lot of massage products from pure oils to creams and lotions. We found that some didn't come out of our linens, making our sheets smell like a fast food fryer. Others contained phytoestrogens, common allergens, irritated the skin, or were not natural. Some absorbed too quickly, and yet others left clients feeling like they just swam out of an oil spill. Along the way, we also learned that having organic ingredients is not the same as being USDA Certified Organic. We were looking for therapeutic balms without petrochemicals, and it was not looking good.

When we tried Sacred Earth, we were really happy! Without nut oils, gluten, soy, or parabens, we thought oh, this isn't going to have the utility of the chemical containing stuff. What we found out was that Sacred Earth makes an ethical, healthy, and wonderful to use line of products that meet the needs of a wide range of clients.


The Sacred Earth Organic Massage Gel is our most versatile go-to product. In very small amounts, it is excellent for deep tissue and myofascial therapy. Just a tiny bit more works well for Swedish. Where we would use an ounce or so for a full body treatment, we only need less than half of this gel. Where we would buy two gallons of massage lotion, we only need a half gallon of the Sacred Earth Gel. The gel works well on all skin types, even those that quickly absorb lotions and cremes. Clients leave feeling that they are wearing a luxurious and organic body butter, and the gel comes out of fabrics easily.

For lighter pressure applications like light Swedish massage, the Sacred Earth Organic Massage Oil works well. The unscented oil and gel are both great with our aromatherapy essential oils, and we can tailor to the needs of each client without having a dozen blends sitting on our shelves going stale or pumped full of preservatives.

We like the Sacred Earth Warming lotion for hot stone work. The cinnamon and menthol crystals add the right amount of warming without skin irritation. We also love that we found something like other classic muscle balms that wasn't made with a petrochemical base!  With the heat of a stone, the Sacred Earth lotion only requires one application.  Less is more!

When couples come for massage lessons from one of our therapists, they take home with a free sample kit from Sacred Earth.