What is Your Relationship with Pain?

We are of the less is more school when it comes to massage and pain.  But, what is pain, any way?  And, when is it that a massage ought to be a little uncomfortable?  There isn't a one size fits most way to think about massage. Lymph massage is very light, but it can also make a client ill if they don't really need it!

In this short video, Thomas Myers from Anatomy Trains breaks down why massage (myofascial release therapy), exercise or any forms of structural integration therapy sometimes hurt. He gives some amazing insight on pain in general and why your perception of it might have more to do with that sensation.


In addition to regular, strategic massage, we recommend this CD set by Jon Kabat-Zinn.  His meditation method is taught by Susan at Starshine both online and in person.  The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR) that she learned to facilitate has been taught at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center and Globally for over 30 years, with well designed and peer reviewed studies all the way.  The MBSR method is the basis for the vast majority of studies on mindfulness based medical and psychological interventions, and this has been used as a complementary therapy for high blood pressure, autoimmune disease, cancer, HIV, chronic pain, and anxiety disorders among many other conditions. Look for this title on our bookshelf.

Reorganizing the fibers of scar tissue will probably be unpleasant, and draining lymph when it isn't really necessary will probably make a client feel ill. Like lymph work, Myofascial therapy (MFT) and deep tissue massage are specific.  Check out this review one client gave after a couple MFT sessions.

I am 65 yrs old with two bad knees, and I play golf twice a week. I struggle to get out of bed after each round with those knees. I had a few surgical "clean outs", and I take Celebrex before and after I play. I met Susan, and her concern is my hamstrings, so off to work she goes. Four sessions later, I am not limping, according to my wife and business partner. I feel great, turning on the ball with full mobility and making some money in our Seniors golf group. My advice, check this acupressure out!  I tried meds, operations and physical therapy-- Starshine has been remarkable for me. 


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