Why No Tips?

We decline tips.

We would much rather have clients use that money to see us again. Or, they may like to buy a gift certificate to share the Starshine experience. Even giving their tip money to a well researched charity is ok with us.

The truth is, the massage business is volatile.  One way Starshine can minimize the ups and downs is through repeat business. We just charge one reasonable rate for all our services without upgrades or memberships to offer each client the most effective treatment each visit.

We are committed to doing a great job for each client, and we are not judging anyone for not tipping because we just don't allow it. That means that we can approach each session with an open heart and clear energy for everyone. You aren't locked in by a contract, and our pricing is upfront.

Do we offer deals? Yes!

  • We offer $20 off to new clients.
  • We give a $20 credit for your referrals after they have their first appointment.
  • We offer a 10% discount when clients rebook when they checkout from their appointment.
  • We offer discounts for gift certificate purchases of five or more hours. 
  • Gift certificates may be purchased in bulk at a discount for employee incentives, client appreciation, and more.

Do we offer Groupons?

Not often. These promotions tend to be one time only and very transactional. When we do offer this type of promotion, it is usually for our classes or instructional massage for two sessions. These are a great way to build upon supportive relationships and introduce massage to those who may not be comfortable with a stranger.

Do we offer sliding scale?

For some clients, a sliding scale is the best way to ensure that they have access to massage therapy. We discuss this on a case by case basis, though we generally reserve sliding scale for those on a fixed income or making less than $40k a year.

Do we offer nonprofit, teacher, or nurse discounts?

From time to time, we have the opportunity to volunteer our services to the employees and clients of nonprofit or caregiving organizations. We try to offer Buy One, Gift One promotions so that our therapists can have a sustainable livelihood while doing this very important work. It helps us build community in a sustainable way. Let us know if you would like us to visit you!

For more on why the American tipping culture creates problems, check out this video from Adam. He ruins everything.