Mindful Parents. Mindful kids?

We have recently made an effort to curate a few books that we love and share them with clients. We included titles by authors like Jon Kabat-Zinn, Spencer Sherman, Elliott Dacher, and Dan Siegel. As meditation teachers, we are familiar with several great books for adults and many books about parenting. We started to wonder about what was new for the children in our lives.


With the holidays coming, this is a great time to think about fun gifts and teaching gifts for children. As we ordered and reviewed picture books, CDs, and workbooks for kids, we became really optimistic!

We wanted to buy and carry everything we saw. Our space is limited, of course. Some of our materials are new, some are recycled. We hope to have something at every reading level and life stage from fun emotional intelligence playing cards for teens to workbooks that parents can share with their children to picture books for preschoolers. 

These are a few titles that you can find floating around the shop.  Feel free to pick one up and enjoy a child's mind awareness the next time you come by for a massage or class.