The Best Classic Meatloaf in the World

Roy's a great guy.  He's a farmer and high school math teacher, a father and retired officer.  His family ran the general store in a small town.  Here's Roy's Meatloaf from the Kelly Family General Store in Zena, OK as interpreted by a native Northern Californian who is very, very gluten free

To a stand mixer or large bowl, add:

6 pounds of ground meat, organic, ethically raised, or wild 

6 beaten eggs, vegetarian fed and free range or pasture raised

1 - 2 boxes of Herbes Fines from Spicely Organics (thyme, tarragon, and parsley, if you want to use fresh)

½ cup finely diced shallots

1 cup instant quinoa breakfast cereal from Ancient Grains (or, certified gluten free instant breakfast oatmeal, if you tolerate it well)

1 cup Knudsen organic veggie juice

Salt to taste

Mix thoroughly, and place into pans.

Cover with a generous layer of Organicville Ketchup. Place slices of Applegate bacon, pork or turkey, one inch apart on top of the ketchup.

Sprinkle on a half to whole packet of BBQ seasoning from Spicely Organics.

Place in the oven at 350. Cook time depends on the pan size and depth. Generally, the loaf is done when it pulls away from the edges of the pan and the bacon becomes a dark, molasses color around the edges.

Bake until cooked throughout at a safe temperature for the varieties of meats in the loaf. Mix and match meats, and always cook to the higher of the safe temperatures for each meat. Game meats are great to blend with pork or beef, and we also like pork with lamb.  We always use the dark meat when we choose to add turkey.

We make several loaves in smaller glass dishes with snap on lids so that they are easy to freeze.

Roy serves his original Zena style loaf with mashed potatoes and canned baked beans.

In CA, I serve my meatloaf with whole, dry roasted sweet potatoes, and I make my own beans as dedicated gluten free baked beans are nearly impossible to find!  I put soaked Northern Beans on the stove with Muir fire roasted tomatoes, honey, lots of Spicely Organics smoked Spanish paprika, the rest of the Spicely Organics BBQ packet, the rest of the bacon, and any leftover diced shallot. I let it all simmer for a couple hours.

This isn't a cheap meal to make, especially with organic or grass fed meats. I find that with the big flavors and nutrition of whole foods, I can feel very satiated with smaller California sized portions.