The Best Women’s Health App We’ve Ever Used!

Over half of the population deals with menstruation. While on the surface it seems like something that happens for a few days each month, periods are just the beginning.

Today, we are going to share our favorite app specifically for tracking all the facets of menstruation and many other aspects of women’s health. By tracking our own menstrual cycle, women find illuminating information into moods, sleep cycles, cravings, and so much more.

We are also going to post a follow up where we talk about how Clue is a particularly good app for women with ADHD.

Clue is unique

Clue is not designed by men in marketing, so the app has a very different approach to women’s health tracking and education. Women are way more than magical baby incubators, and Clue is not a fertility-only app. Clue tracks cycles and fertility with many features that other apps lack at a much lower overall cost.

It’s not pink! Many of us who identify as female don’t enjoy pink. When men design pink apps with mommie-and-me graphics targeted for highly monetizable baby-ready women, it’s weird for the rest us. It feels patronizing and dismisses women who may or may not be ready, willing, or able to become mothers but who still really want to track their periods.

These pink apps often leave out tracking period related symptoms. It's all baby, all the time. The baby shower SPAM has been out of control once we signed up with these fertility-focused apps to the point that we started asking ourselves if we should be having a baby. Clue never limited us, sold us out, or made us question our life choices.

Clue allows women to track information in relation to our bodies and how we function on a daily basis. The app is driven by intuitive algorithms that learn our unique bodies and symptoms specifically as it goes, since it collects the data every day. It takes what it learns and becomes our monthlies coach with helpful reminders and relevant research based information.

15 fantastic things about Clue

  1. Clue is useful for women who deal with the pain of irregular periods or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Every day can be a wild card in terms of body management. Tracking personal data helps women to know when they need to contact their OB/GYN.  Clue makes it easy to show a doctor accurate information.

  2. Clue has been rated #1 by the American Journal Obstetrics and Gynecology, and has been downloaded and used by over 10 million people. Clue can build their algorithms on oodles of scientific data instead of outdated medical books and old wives’ tales.

  3. Clue uses this sacred treasure trove of data with partners like Stanford, Columbia and Oxford Universities to research menstrual and reproductive health instead of pushing ads.

  4. Each tracking section has a research supported article, which takes guesswork, cultural misconceptions, and urban legends out of the equation.

  5. Women can set up notifications on the best time to do monthly breast self-exams based on how hormones change breast tissue.

  6. Clue shows customized reminders days before a predicted PMS window. Incoming!

  7. It doesn’t take long to enter data each day! There are four big-buttoned options to each category, making inputting fast and easy.

  8. If a tracking category seems limited, Clue has a feature for customized tags.

  9. Clue intends that the platform will grow into a research database, and the features will get better and broader over time.  

  10. Clue connects to Fitbit and OURA ring, though at the time of this post, OURA seems to be for iPhone only.

  11. We can keep our data locally instead of sharing it with Clue and still use all the features of the app. Drop the phone in the toilet, and our local data is gone. If we choose to share our data, Clue can load it onto our new, dry device. We’re in control.

  12. Clue tracks basal body temperature (BBT) and luteinizing hormone (LH) at-home test strips. A single-purpose pink (eye roll) BBT thermometer and “free” app will cost as much as $60-100. A perfectly fine basal digital thermometer is about $8 at Target and can be used for many purposes besides family planning. Clue gives women so much more, respecting both our needs outside of getting pregnant and our wallets.

  13. Clue has ovulation and fertility window reminders, making it clear when to use those expensive LH tests or when hormones may be shifting. Many women experience higher sex drive, ovulation pain, and other symptoms during this time.

  14. For those on hormone therapy treatments, Clue can give a day-to-day picture of hormone-related symptoms whether a woman menstruates or not.

  15. Clue helps track and remind women about our daily, mid- and long-term birth control.  Woohooo!

The one misconception that women (and men) may take from Clue is that the rhythm method works. It doesn’t, and we have the birth certificates to prove it.  We at Starshine don’t recommended relying on the rhythm method as a form of birth control.

Resources and Links

Clue was co-developed by Ida Tin, Mike LaVigne, and Moritz von Buttlar in 2012. The company is based in Berlin, Germany.

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Clue is called “Period Tracker Clue” in the Google Play store

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