Why We Love Clue for Women with ADHD

In our last post, we shared our favorite app specifically for tracking all the facets of menstruation and many other aspects of women’s health. We wanted to talk about how Clue is a particularly good app for women with ADHD, but the original app review post was already long.

The ups and downs of female hormones have a major impact on ADHD symptoms because as the balance of estrogen and progesterone over a woman’s monthly cycle shift, neurotransmitter levels shift, too.  For women with ADHD, it feels like our brains are doubling down on the already wild ride of the menstrual cycle.

Clue tracks categories that are crucial to ADHD women like focus, motivation, productivity, mood, sleep, energy, cravings, exercise, social interactions, and *ahem* high-risk behaviors.

Knowing when our ADHD brains will crave stimulation and dopamine can help ADHD women make better choices about self-medicating. For example:


Harmful self-medication

Sugar and carbs

Alcohol, drugs

High-risk behaviors

Seeking conflict

Productive self-medication

Protein at every meal


Exciting, safe activities

Social plans that fit neurochemical resources and mood


Self-assessment can be a challenge with ADHD. Clue’s tagging feature can help correlate ADHD medications with hormonal and nonhormonal symptoms. This makes the task of self-assessment far more accurate. It also simplifies the process of sharing data with a prescribing physician, therapist, coach, or other members of a care team.

Many with ADHD experience time blindness, and having an app help out with reminders is great. Clue can certainly help track symptoms, medications, and increase self awareness - it will prompt women to enter data and push reminders so that hormonal cycles become one less thing to try to remember throughout the month.

The one thing we’d like to ask Clue for that’s not in the app? Please, please, please do a study on trends from other ADHD women like us.

Resources and Links

Clue was co-developed by Ida Tin, Mike LaVigne, and Moritz von Buttlar in 2012. The company is based in Berlin, Germany.

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Clue is called “Period Tracker Clue” in the Google Play store

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