Great Moments in ADHD

The day-to-day of ADHD can be frustrating.  Then again, it can be very funny, too! 

Here are some moments where women with ADHD had a good chuckle.

An ADHD Trained Pet

I forget why I am going up/down stairs so much that my dog only goes half way and then looks back at me, in case I turn around.



I forgot my niece's birthday gift at home since June.  I finally brought it to her when I remembered -- at Christmas.

She said, "Auntie, you got me this Kubo book last year, too." 

"No, this book is a higher reading level than the Kubo book from last Christmas," I replied. 

She walked over to her bookshelf and pulled out the same exact book to show me.

"Wow.  Now you can start a book club!" her mother suggested.


To the Market!

I've been to the grocery store three times today because I forgot to put something on my list. Three different grocery stores, of course.  

Share your hilarious ADHD moments with us.