Listen: Interview with Dating Coach Sierra Faith

As we put together information on romantic relationships, we wanted to connect with someone who has deep expertise in the dating arena. 

In this interview with author and dating coach Sierra Faith, we are talking about getting started in romantic relationships and how to stay with our good intentions while trying to find love.  We are so grateful for her time and expertise!

    This interview covers questions like:

    • What is the purpose of dating?
    • What is secure attachment, and what does it look like?
    • What does dating do to the brain? What’s neurochemistry, and what’s real compatibility?
    • How do we tolerate the vetting process without the neurochemical high?
    • How do we identify what our needs are and communicate them?
    • How do we know when to proceed and when to exit?
    • How do we reinvigorate a relationship after the initial high wears off?

    Sierra Faith is the author of Absolutely Adored. Sierra has spoken at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, and was interviewed on NPR's "All Things Considered." 

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