Our Coaches

We are excited to add great coaches to our team in 2018!

We are able to help employers, individuals, and families with coaching.  Starshine coaches have some really amazing passions like adult women with ADHD, autism in the workplace, interpersonal neurobiology, emotional regulation, mindfulness skills, and more.


New Client Documents

Insurance and Cost Sharing

Because we work with clients who may have a diagnosis like ADHD, a physician may write a prescription for coaching related to that diagnosis.  This helps us work with insurance companies to have all or part of our fees for coaching covered under your plan rules.

Another option is to use employment benefits such as flexible spending accounts or wellness benefit funds to reduce your out of pocket coaching costs.

Some employers will pay for coaching in full for high performing employees or members of their leadership team if the focus is on performance and effectiveness in your job.  

We are more than happy to work with you, your care team, your insurance company, and your employer to make coaching affordable and accessible to you.  We value strict confidentiality in all of these matters.

Our Coach Network

Andrea Vu Chasko

Andrea Vu Chasko

Diversity & Inclusion Disruptor | Learning & Talent Management | Leadership & disAbility Coach | Fierce Advocate

Specializes in coaching: entrepreneurs, women leaders, minority leaders, LGBTQ leaders and people with physical or hidden disabilities leaders (mental illness, anxiety, ADHD, dyslexia and Autism)

Andy truly cares about the people who go through these programs, in addition to the content and curriculum she helps to design. I appreciate Andy’s advice and guidance when it comes to facilitating team events and her general enthusiasm for believing in people and their ability to improve professionally (and personally). - Cathy Smith, Head of Industry Large Advertiser Sales at Google

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Aaron helps ADHDers leverage their creative capabilities and channel their unique strengths to accomplish meaningful objectives. As an ADHDer, Aaron knows all too well the daily challenges we face and is convinced that with a healthy mindset, targeted tools, and fine-tuned strategies, anyone can learn to harness their ADHD for success.

Aaron holds a Masters Degree in Advanced Clinical Practice from Columbia University and is an ICF certified ADHD coach. As the founder of Potential Within Reach (PWR): a coaching, training, and advocacy organization, Aaron is dedicated to helping teens and young adults bridge the gap between their current performance and their full potential. He is also the co-founder of Attention Different and host of the Attention Different Podcast. His coaching practice offers in-person sessions at PWR’s headquarters, located in Denver, CO, and virtual sessions to clients nationwide. Interested in coaching for you or a loved one?

Susan Burroughs

Susan Burroughs

Subject matter expert in design thinking, mindfulness, stress management, presentation skills, instructional design, and massage therapy.

Learning and development for classroom and online learning design, color blindness and assistive technology access

Presentation skills and public speaking, especially for women

Empathetic communications tools for people managers and ADHD adults

Mindfulness and the science and practice of stress reduction

Certified Massage Therapist

I've really enjoyed talking with Susan through strategic challenges, marketing ideas and coaching & training methodologies. She's wicked smart, and grounds her application of technical expertise in strategic goals. - MH

I want to say thanks for introducing me to Mindfulness in 2014. I honestly wouldn't be where I am today without your training. I am now taking mindfulness instruction classes to help people like you have helped others and myself.  - Danny