+ Science & Practice Of Stress Management

In this 9 week course, we learn how to recognize good versus harmful stress and develop tools for managing negative stress. We will learn scientifically proven methods for becoming aware of and managing things like blood pressure, heart rate, and other biomarkers of stress. We’ll cover some of the latest neuroscience research on self-awareness, self-management, and awareness of others in conjunction with practical exercises that fit into our everyday lives.

+ Executive Presence And Pitch Clinic

This executive presence workshop includes exercises on presence, broadcasting confidence, and warmth. We will look at examples of how trainable physical skills can lead to remarkable, fast improvements in these areas as well as huge reductions is stress before, during, and after big presentations. We'll also take a peek into the three stories every leader must tell and clarify them as a part of a winning content strategy.

+ Honest, Awake, And Alive At Work: Why Not?A Practice Group For Bringing Your Whole Self To Work

Do you find that it’s hard for you to talk about what’s real at work? Do you long for authenticity and mutual caring and respect in your working relationships? It is often said, “I’ll lose my job if I’m honest in the workplace.” If this is true for you, does it feel like you’re losing yourself? Often we need support outside of work so we can really show up at work. In this 8-week

Connection Practice Group, you will:

  • Cultivate the courage and learn skills to have authentic conversations in all areas of your life.
  • Learn specific listening tools that help you to communicate your needs clearly and ask for what you want in ways that honor everyone.
  • Connect with yourself and others so that your nervous system is calm as you communicate with those who challenge your peace of mind.
  • Befriend and access your hardwired internal system that instantly lets you know what is true for you in any moment.
  • Home study assignments support practicing the language of connection at work and in all areas of our lives.

Our Honest, Awake, and Alive group is a confidential, warm, and safe container. This allows us to venture into our inner landscape – the place where authenticity thrives. We learn a language of speaking and listening that strengthens the fibers of connection in our brains. This language is essential for honest and respectful communication. We use 25% of our group time learning tools, and 75% practicing them with each other. This is a real-time course!



+ Introduction To Design Thinking

Learn the full design thinking process end-to-end in an action-packed workshop. Teams will work with live customers and users to understand unmet needs, refine insights, and generate dozens of possible solutions. Top ideas are made into tangible, testable prototypes, and we will learn how to iterate. We will conclude the workshop with a roundtable discussion on managing innovation, performance systems, and comparing our direct experience with other innovation models.

+ Prototyping Web And Mobile Applications

This workshop focuses on paper prototyping web, tablet, and mobile technologies. Non-techies will learn repeatable ways to create prototypes of their technology ideas so that they can test, explain, and pitch their concepts to investors, partners, and developers ... fast and on the cheap. It teaches design methods that are both human centered and human friendly. No super human technology skills required!

+ Paper To Clickable Prototypes

We'll take our tested paper prototypes to the next level using simple tools to create clickable prototypes. Clickable prototypes are great for continuing testing your ideas and presenting them to investors, partners, and developers. If you can use basic drawing or presentation tools on your computer, you can do this. No super human technology skills required! Pre-req: Previous design thinking workshop.