+ Myofascial, Deep Tissue, and Trigger Point Therapy

These styles balance the structure of the body by addressing the length of connective tissues and muscles stuck in contraction. These are therapies used when targeting specific pain or flexibility results. The techniques require more communication between the client and therapist throughout the massage.

+ Swedish and Sports Recovery Massage

Swedish massage addresses circulation of blood and lymph fluid. The relaxing techniques can help move metabolic waste and other byproducts that create soreness or inflammation. This can help with aches from a work out as well as certain types of swelling.

+ Hot and Cold Tools

We use hot or cold stones, towels, and other tools to relieve painful joints and chronically tight muscles. Cold addresses the pain-spasm cycle, and heat address overworked muscle tissue. Both hot and cold techniques increase blood flow.

+ Shiatsu, Assisted Stretching, and Sports Massage

These techniques incorporate compressions, joint mobilization, accupressure, and other invigorating methods to balance the flow of energy in the body and saturate tissues with blood before a big athletic event.

Gentler versions of these techniques are excellent in palliative or hospice care because the prompt the body to maintain muscle tone, bone mass, and tissues that protect joints.

The client is usually clothed in sports or similar attire to make stretches and joint movement comfortable.

+ Aromatherapy

We can incorporate organic essential oils to promote relaxation, increase blood flow, or energize during any style of massage. The client and therapist discuss oils for specific goals, and the oils are mixed with massage emollients.

+ Prenatal Massage

This is a gentle massage on a comfortable back wedge designed to reduce stress and relive common areas of discomfort for pregnant women such as shoulders, back, feet, and legs.

+ On Site Services

We offer a range of on site services and pricing models to businesses seeking measurable results from a partner who understands that wellness programs improve recruitment, retention and resilience as well as decrease health care costs.

  • Chair or table massage
  • Mindfulness meditation classes or drop-in groups
  • Movement classes
  • Personal trainers
  • Nutritional consultation
  • Chiropractic care
  • Online group courses
  • Executive presence workshops
  • Team building events
  • Design thinking and innovation events


We believe that each client should have access to the techniques that are best for them without having to pay more. Our flat rate for massage is $90 per hour, and we offer instructional massage for two or onsite services for $125 per hour.

We believe that loyalty and repeat business come from a good fit and great results. Rather than tips, we prefer rebooking, sharing a gift certificate, or supporting a charity.  If you rebook at the end of your appointment, we’ll take 10% off your next visit.

We also offer group meditation, online group classes, and other wellness services at competitive rates.

From Our clients, in their own words

"I am 65 yrs old with two bad knees, and I play golf twice a week. I struggle to get out of bed after each round with those knees. I had a few surgical "clean outs", and I take Celebrex before and after I play. I met Susan, and her concern is my hamstrings, so off to work she goes. Four sessions later, I am not limping, according to my wife and business partner. I feel great, turning on the ball with full mobility and making some money in our Seniors golf group. My advice, check this acupressure out!  I tried meds, operations and physical therapy-- Starshine has been remarkable for me."

"I am a colleague of Susan. I have been in the holistic health and wellness realms for over 35 years. Everything I do not know, Susan knows. Everything I do know, Susan knows better. Enough of the knowledge part....Wisdom. Knowledge applied in this moment... THAT kind of wisdom. THIS is what, this is the HOW, which is a hallmark of Susan's craft and art."

"I felt a really profound shift in my legs after her treatment."

"I felt very well cared for during the whole process. She checked in just the right amount. She had a wonderful touch and made the transitions between areas so seamless. I feel so relaxed! Thank you!"

"I have experienced Susan's comforting and healing massage, as well as her deep understanding about how our body is always speaking to our brain. I study and teach neuroscience, and it's very important for my nervous system to resonate with my massage practitioner. It was easy to trust her, and my body responded very positively to the suggestions she made for changing old habits. I highly recommend her!"

"She was able to massage my feet as no one has done so before without me being tickled....When she went for my wrist and elbow, it felt like a waterfall!"

"Susan has an intelligent approach, excellent touch, and a creative approaches to specific problems. Great work!"

"I didn't think my massages could get any better... This was the best ever. Susan has xray hands that saw all my problems."



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We have a deeply personal commitment to organic farming, effective products, and natural ingredients. We absolutely adore SacredEarth for these reasons. We have a wide range of clients from athletes to breast cancer survivors, and we feel that these products offer a high level of integrity when it comes to leaving the junk out and only using the best stuff.

SacredEarth products are free from soy, gluten, nuts, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, and parabens. Many of their products are certified vegan, and their organic certifications are as good as it gets! SacredEarth products also perform better than all of the other popular brands we tried, and we feel this offers the best experience for our clients.