On site WelLness Services

We offer a range of on site services and pricing models to businesses seeking measurable results from a partner who understands that wellness programs improve recruitment, retention and resilience as well as decrease health care costs. 

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Our approach is research and evidence based, a key to defining and measuring program success as well as connecting with a highly technical workforce in the bay area. Because of our experience designing emotional intelligence and stress management programs for delivery online, we can uniquely serve companies with a global workforce.

We have a network of partners who offer:

  • Chair or table massage
  • Mindfulness meditation classes or drop-in groups
  • Movement classes
  • Personal trainers
  • Nutritional consultation
  • Chiropractic care
  • Online group courses
  • Executive presence workshops
  • Team building events
  • Design thinking and innovation events
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For Employees

The biggest concern by far that we see from employees is stress reduction. Some like chair massage, a brief pause in the day to recharge and reboot. Others like the lasting self-care of meditation programs or light yoga. Here are some of the benefits participants experience:

  • Cognitive flexibility and strategic thinking
  • Emotion regulation
  • Listening to self and others
  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Enhanced focus
  • Improved insight and innovation
  • Increased working memory and attention
  • Clearer perception and cognition
  • Better decision making
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved variable heart rate
  • Increased empathy and compassion
  • Better overall health and well being
  • Improved physiological functioning including reduction in inflammation, improved antibody response, balanced immune activity, and reversal of cellular aging measured by telomere length 
  • Increased thickness of the prefrontal cortex after 9 weeks of meditation practice, amygdala shrinks
  • Reduction in the perception of pain 

Employees enjoy our models of free company perks as much as our cost sharing options, making our corporate wellness programs accessible for both companies and individuals. We can also help you design an effective employee recognition program.


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For Employers

Productive, alert, present, engaged, and rested employees have better relationships at work and at home. Wellness programs add to an employment brand, making companies more attractive to a highly skilled workforce. Companies that invest in wellness also save money in health care costs and turnover.  

Many studies show the primary reason for leaving a company for over 80% of respondents is their manager relationship, and we offer robust solutions in classroom or online settings to improve emotional intelligence and manager relationships with direct reports.

Lyubomirsky, King, and Diener (2005) found that happy, engaged employees are:

  • 3x more creative
  • 31% more productive
  • 37% higher sales

The Corporate Leadership Council reports that companies with highly engaged employees:

  • 20% higher performance
  • 57% more productive
  • 87% less likely to leave
  • Outperformed the S&P 500 over a three year period
  • >2x revenue Growth YoY compared to their industry

The iOpener Institute found in their company of 1000 employees a focus on happiness and wellness yielded outstanding results. 

  • Reduces the cost of employee turnover by 46 percent.
  • Reduces the cost of sick leave by 19 percent.
  • Increases performance and productivity by 12 percent.
  • And the happiest employees, compared with their less happy colleagues, spend 40 percent more time focused on tasks and feel energized 65 percent more of the time.
  • Happier employees also take six fewer sick days a year, and remain in their jobs twice as long.

Stress is a known aggravator of many common health problems like cardiovascular disease, asthma, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, and more. Researchers published results in the Harvard Business Review estimating that the percentage of primary care visits for stress related health problems is between 60% and 90%.  OSHA estimates that half of missed work days are stress related.

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